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By Michael J. Dennin, Esquire
[email protected]

Now that we are thawed out, the Young Lawyer Committee is busy
working and planning. The springtime is so refreshing you want to be out and about. This time
of year helps recharge our batteries and gets us working even harder. We have several events
happening in our group.

This past month we heard from Dennis Freedman from the Association’s Partner in
Progress Bire Financial Group regarding the various aspects of disability insurance and policies.
Young attorneys often do not appreciate the need for disability insurance. Further, jobs are
scarce and it takes a while to become stabilized as an attorney just starting out or in the
first five plus years of practice. Considering many of us have significant student loans,
mortgages and associated bills, protection against loss is important.

In my practice I represent individuals injured in various types of accidents and disabled
persons in general. Injuries and disabilities destroy people’s lives and most time folks do not
have private disability insurance. One thing I do suggest is that in terms of auto insurance is
to obtain the right to sue on your policy as well as high limits and unlimited maximum
income continuation benefits. Those are monetary wage substitutes, up to $700 per week for
life depending on the policy. This is a type of auto injury disability insurance that is
reasonable. I diverge.

The next event was volunteering and servin g at Cathedral Kitchen. The Kitchen serves homeless
and foodless individuals in the Camden area. We are provided the opportunity to don hairnets, aprons, gloves,
and smiles for a few hours twice a year at a great facility. At every lunch and dinner there
are 8-l0 volunteers who prepare the food, set tables, clean, clear and reset the dining area as
well as serve food and make everyone feel at home. The food is delicious and the staff and
employees are tremendous. Over 400 people are served in any one sitting. The love for people is
evident and genuine. We really respect their mission. and the facility is a true bright spot in
the City and County.

We again held our Easter party at the Anna Sample House in
Camden. While I have written about the Anna Sample House before. I cannot fail to mention what a
great time this is. We look forward to going back and hosting our magician, serving pizza,
candy and dessert, decorating and hearing the children’s laughter at this time of year. The
facility is a home for homeless women and their families. The party provides a time for them to see
their own magic show, fully catered with the finest pizza and snacks one can consume. The kids are
beautiful and love the magician and his collection of animals, tricks, and a combination of
both. We can assure you no fish or birds were harmed in the making of the show!

CLE events are heating up and the Bar is providing options for many
practice areas. There is nothing better than the comfort of seeing your peers and having
the personal feel of the presentations. Our CLE programs are open and lively. They provide
education and networking opportunities. If you are interested in presenting a seminar contact us
at the Bar and we will do our best to facilitate t he program. CLE tuition supports the
Association’s programs and activities the CCBA provides throughout the year. We are very for
tunate to be members of such a large yet quaint group. Your membership and participation is
what makes us an Association.

While the events are too numerous to list. I suggest you make sure you are on the bar’s email
list and that you check the website every week for upcoming events. Join a committee and come
to an event. Come to our Young Lawyer meetings, which are held at Bar Headquarters on the first
Tuesday of every month beginning at 12:30. Come to a charity event or a CLE. Attend a happy hour
or social. Call or email me with any questions about becoming involved. As you can see there is
plenty to experience at the Association and we welcome
you with open arms.

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