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Can an injured worker apply for unemployment benefits?

If the injured worker is certified that they are able, willing and ready to work or have been terminated from their previous employment, they may be eligible to file for unemployment benefits after their Workers Compensation Temporary Benefits end. You should contact an attorney about this, and you may also contact the Unemployment Insurance.

If I am injured on the job, can I choose a doctor to treat me?

It depends. In New Jersey, the employer’s insurance carrier directs and controls all the medical treatment, and you may not have the choice of your own doctor. However, in Pennsylvania, after the initial 90 days following the injury, you may pick from a panel of six (6) medical providers and pick your doctor you want to treat you.

Am I entitled to benefits after I am finished receiving medical treatment and temporary benefits?

Sometimes. In New Jersey, you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits, that is, a lump sum of money and/or money paid out over weeks for the percentage of their permanent disability. Take for example, if an injured worker fractures their elbow, receives medical treatment and temporary benefits and returns to work, that injured worker may be entitled to a percentage of compensation for the loss of use of their elbow (arm). The injured worker would be entitled to a lump sum of money, tax free, and/or money paid out over weeks. Further, the injured worker may have the right to re-open their case should their injury become materially worse after their case settles. In most every case, the injured worker needs an attorney to assist and secure these rights.

After my case is over, can I receive more medical treatment?

Sometimes. Depending on how the case settles, you may be entitled to more medical treatment if your injury becomes substantially worse after your case settles. You may request to see the company doctor, and you may be, in fact, entitled to more benefits.

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