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Am I entitled to compensation if I slip and fall?

It depends. The law separates different establishments and sets forth different standards of care by the owners and operators of these establishments. For example, if you slip and fall in an aisle in a grocery store, you may have a claim against the grocery store and/or company that cleans the aisles.

If you slip and fall in front of an icy property, you may be entitled to compensation from that property owner depending if that property is commercial or residential and depending on why you fell. It is important to contact an attorney to discuss these types of cases in length.

How do slip and fall injuries occur?

Mostly slip and fall injuries occur when property owners neglect to maintain their property, allow dangerous conditions to exist, or maintain their property in such a way that it gives rise to these injuries. These cases are very fact sensitive.

What do I do after I slip and fall?

If you are injured, you should immediately report this injury to the property owner and fill out an incident report. You should, in some cases, call the police and fill out an accident report. Further, you should go to the emergency room, if you need treatment, and make sure you accurately report to the physician what happened and why you fell.

As soon as possible after the injury, you or a relative should take photographs of the area and property in which you were injured and also take photographs of your injury. This is very important as down the line the dangerous condition that was present when you fell may be changed, and it is important to establish the condition at the time in which you fell.

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