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So, you pay how much for insurance per year? $2,000.00? More? Less? Well, what do you get for your payments? Are you with a good insurance company? What are you covered for? What are your options? When is the last time you actually looked at your insurance policy? Attorney Michael J. Dennin, located in Pennsauken Township, Camden County, with offices in Philadelphia, provides free reviews of your automobile insurance policies and recommendations for who you should consider insuring yourself with, and what coverages you should select. Pennsauken trial and worker’ compensation attorney, Michael Dennin, Esquire has extensive knowledge of the benefits available to you.

If you are hurt by someone else in a car or truck accident, your automobile insurance becomes very important. If you hit or hurt someone else, your auto insurance becomes important.

Normally, if you are in an accident in Camden County, or any other county in New Jersey, you may have to access your coverage. There are three main portions of your auto insurance that attorney Michael J. Dennin will discuss.

This is a multi-part blog. The first part of your coverage is bodily injury coverage.

First, you have bodily injury coverage. This coverage applies when you are at fault and hit and hurt someone else. If you are sued by the person you hit, this coverage will pay the other person for their injuries. You want more than enough coverage to protect yourself. Select AT LEAST 100/300 in coverage. That means $100,000.00 per accident and $300.000 per occurrence. The person you hurt can recover up to 100k from your policy. The question is, if you severely hurt someone, their injuries, lost wages, medical bills, etc. can easily be more than 100k. That person may seek your assets, money, house, etc. to pay for the injuries beyond your 100k coverage. I recommend selecting 250/500 in coverage if you can, if not higher.

The second number is the total amount of coverage available to all of the people in the car that you hit. For example, if you rear end someone, or hit someone, and there are 5 people in the car, then they can access (in cases of 100/300 coverage) 100k per person, and no more than 300k total between the 5 people.

The next installment we will discuss uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. The following installment we will discuss the right to sue, and then PIP, or medical coverage.

Mr. Dennin is an experience trial attorney serving individuals injured at work and in various accidents throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. As an experienced and aggressive trial attorney, Michael J. Dennin works extremely hard for his clients. As an active member and trustee of the Camden County Bar Association, Mr. Dennin is hands on in the community and uses his professional license to practice law as a opportunity to give back to the citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Recent activities include participation in the Coat Drive, Children’s Holiday Party, LARC Lobster Bake for disabled children and adults, soup Kitchen service at the Cathedral Kitchen in Camden, NJ, holiday parties at Anna’s Sample House for homeless women and children in Camden County, New Jersey, and provides continued monetary support for many programs in Camden County.

As an experienced attorney, Mr. Dennin counsels his clients on motor vehicle and truck accidents, work injuries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Social Security Disability claims, Municipal Court hearings, and other areas of the law. Mr. Dennin is proud to represent injured individuals and his clients are treated like family. If there is any legal need, please contact Mr. Dennin at the office 856-665-5709, on his cell phone 856-577-9138, by email at [email protected], or through his website at, or stop in the office at 5709 Westfield Avenue, Pennsauken, NJ.

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